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Building  Brighter Future

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"I have  known the Honorary Consul for over 10 years. She is a good person with a great soul, gives attention to people and will go all the way for anyone. Honorary Consul Isatu is a strong leader in the community and a treasure the world cannot afford to loose."

                                  Michael Adegoke

                                  5 Times USA showdance Champion

                                  Actor and Show Host




Mrs. Isatu Timbo-Nwokedi of California, USA, is a professional nurse and honorary Consul and Goodwill Ambassador of Sierra Leone. She is also a philanthropist who has performed immeasurable service to humanity.

She has been engaged in humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises since the early 200s even before she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador and then Honorary Consul, because of love for her country and humanity.

She has dispatched emergency assistance to Sierra Leone many times to help alleviate problems, especially containers of medical supplies and food. she has decided to devote her extraordinary human and professional qualities and skills towards helping her people back home in Sierra Leone and humanity. She has donated food, clothing, schoolbooks, and supplies and scholarships to pilgrims heading for Mecca worth tens of thousands of dollars, all from her own resources.

Mrs. Timbo-Nwokedi played a commanding role in humanitarian assistance during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone in 2013 and the mudslide disaster in 2017, when she sent containers of medical supplies and food to help her country combat the crises.

Her resolute and unflinching determination to improve the lives of her people in the areas of basic healthcare services, education, and women empowerment is evident by the number of donations she has made.

Mrs. Timbo-Nwokedi has received many awards for public service and humanitarian assistance. Her cupboard is richly adorned with the coveted awards she has proudly received for her philanthropic enterprises and endeavors.

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